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By Microsoft Have Todoist items created whenever you add a Google task. You will need to select a project and task list to sync. Projects in Todoist. Tasks and projects are a vital part of the Todoist platform. In a situation where you need to have all the information in one place, just create new projects. Once the project is set, add as many tasks as you think is necessary by tapping a “Add task” or “+” button. The Todoist Google Calendar integration allows your changed tasks to reflect on the application instantly. You’ll be able to toggle them whenever you want and see your upcoming projects without visiting the best task management app.

By integrating Todoist with Google Assistant, you’ll be able to add tasks, complete tasks, and read out your tasks based on your voiced or typed commands. Connect Todoist with Google Assistant. Open/Activate Google Assistant and say/enter 'Let me talk to Todoist'. Customize your calendar events from within Todoist by typing something like Plan pizza party 80m into the task name — which will automatically create a new Google Calendar event entitled Plan pizza party lasting 1 hour and 20 minutes. Adjust your plans as you go by simply dragging and dropping events in your calendar.

Todoist integrations with Google Tasks

Use Zoho Flow to integrate Todoist with Google Tasks, in atleast 58 different ways, without writing code. Automate any tasks that keep you away from what you do best.


Automate redundant manual tasks and save your precious time and effort



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Todoist Google Tasks

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All Triggers - A trigger kickstarts the flow

Completed task with label

Triggers when a task with the selected label is completed. This does not trigger for recurring tasks.

New incomplete task

Triggers when an incomplete task is added to the selected project

Any completed task

Triggers when a task (including recurring tasks) is completed in the selected project

New project

Triggers when a new project is created

Completed task

Triggers when a task is completed in the selected project. This does not trigger for recurring tasks.

New Task List

Triggers when a new task list is created

Completed Task

Triggers when a task is completed in the selected task list

New Task

Triggers when a new task is created in the selected task list

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All Actions - Action are the automated tasks

Invite user to project

Invites a user to a project by email

Add comment to project

Adds a comment to a project

Create task

Creates a new task

Mark task completed

Marks the specified task as completed

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Update task

Updates the details of an existing task

Fetch task

Fetches a task by title or ID. If the task does not exist, you can choose to create a new one.

Fetch user

Fetches a user by email. The user must be connected with your account.

Fetch project

Fetches a project by name or ID. If the project does not exist, you can choose to create a new one.

Create Task

Creates a new task in the selected task list

Update Task

Updates an existing task

Find Task

Searches for a task. Optionally, creates one if none are found

Fetch Incomplete Task

Searches for an incomplete task. Optionally, creates one if none are found

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Zoho Flow is an integration platform that helps you connect your apps without any code. Automate complex business workflows within minutes. Set a trigger, add actions, use Delays and Decisions to create your entire workflow on an easy to use builder.

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Use the webhook trigger to receive data from a wide range of services in multiple formats, including JSON, form data, and plain text.


Execute actions automatically at specific times every day, or on a particular day of every week, month, or year. Nintendo switch lowest price.


Include if/then branches to have your workflows carry out different sets of tasks based on the conditions you specify.


Set time delays between any two actions in your workflow. Stall actions for hours, days, weeks, or even until a specific date.

Todoist Vs Google Calendar

Custom functions

Microsoft To Do Vs Todoist

Write simple scripting functions to format data, call web APIs, send emails, and more.